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How can we help?

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How does insurance work?

What are excesses & contributions?

What are Fast Claims?

What are pre-existing conditions?

What are wait periods?

How do I?

Do I need to the use Fetch app?

What happens if you’re closed and I need to know if I’m covered?

How do I make a complaint?

How do I cancel my pet's plan?

How do I contact you?

What do I do before I go to my vet?

How do I submit a pre-approval?

How do I submit a claim?

How do I get 24/7 vet support?

How do I know if I'm covered when you're closed?

Who's Fetch?

Are routine preventive care expenses, such as vaccinations, covered by Fetch?

Who is the insurer?

How does Fetch make money?

What makes Fetch different?

Who's Fetch

Need extra support?

Have hearing or speech difficulties?

Need translation support?

Experiencing family or domestic violence?

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Charlotte the vet

Dr Charlotte



Andrew the vet

Dr Andrew



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Vet Nurse

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Vet Nurse


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Vet Nurse

Mina the dog
Mina the dog
Mina the dog
Mina the dog

Mina & Naomi

β€œCustomer support was super knowledgeable (and local) when I had a query via the app.”