Vet FAQs


Does Fetch have waiting periods?

11 Oct 2023

A waiting period ⏱️ is how long pet parents need to wait for cover after their pet's plan starts. Pet parents can find their wait periods in-app, or for new policies see here

However at Fetch you can skip them ⏭️

After sign up, in-app 📲 follow the instructions to show your pet looking healthy and if everything looks ok we can skip wait periods for your pet ✅. We usually check this and let you know within 1 working day.

In cover section of your app you can see wait periods count down and when they're all skipped.

Fast claims pre-existing checks 👩‍⚕️

Wait periods are separate to checking for pre-existing conditions, these can still exist as a pet might look well but have a previous issue which is ongoing, or will affect them later.

At Fetch we can check any pre-existing conditions up-front for you. After sign up, in-app let us know your vets and we'll contact them for your pets records. Then we'll let you know any pre-existing conditions your pet can't be covred for. This takes a bit longer than wait periods, usually a few weeks.