Tess' friends get their first month free! 🩷

Tess' friends get their first month free! 🩷

Tess' friends get their first month free! 🩷

Offer applies at checkout*

Offer applies at checkout*

Offer applies at checkout*

"Best pet insurance by a mile! For peace of mind and my pup's health it was a no-brainer to go with Fetch"

Chonk with Fetch pet insurance
Chonk with Fetch pet insurance
Chonk with Fetch pet insurance

Chonk & Callum

"Wow this is cool. Quick application, convenient app, AMAZING customer service and a great product"

Malcom happy with the best pet inusrance
Malcom happy with the best pet inusrance
Malcom happy with the best pet inusrance

Malcolm & Caitlin

"Great customer service and personalised care. Happy to know my puppy will be well looked after!"

Ollie with the best pet insurance
Ollie with the best pet insurance
Ollie with the best pet insurance

Ollie & Kate

Why is insurance from day 1 a good idea?


🤒 Early issues

Even little pups can run into health hiccups like tummy troubles, skin issues, eating socks & toys or even leg fractures

🧾 Pre-existings

Getting covered straight away stops any new issues or symptoms that pop up being labeled as 'pre-existing conditions'

🙋‍♀️ Responsible

With no medicare for dogs, being a pet parent means also being financially responsible for your puppy’s health and wellbeing, which insurance can help with


But which insurance to get?

Ok, bear with us…

What's covered?

There's lots of different policies in the market. Most cover illnesses, but some only cover accidents. Some don't cover dental and physio, and some polices exclude certain conditions, like IVDD or Cancer.

Fetch covers all conditions, and includes dental, physio and behaviour cover (See PDS)

How much cover?

You can find cover from $10k to $30k annually - so check what your pet is prone to, and think what you're comfortable paying for.

Fetch pets get $30k annually

Any sub-limits?

Here's the kicker, quite a few policies have sub-limits (essentially a lower limit) on certain conditions/ treatments - like vet consults, tick paraylis, cruciate ligaments, hip dysplasia etc.

Fetch has no vet sub-limits

Are there wait periods?

Pet insurance has wait periods, just like human health cover. Some can be quite long, like 6 months for cruciate ligaments.

Fetch has wait periods too, but you can skip them in-app with a few clicks, showing your puppy is healthy.

How do cover % & excesses work?

You normally have to pay a bit towards treatments, this can be a fixed $ excess and/or a % amount. Sometimes the excess resets annually too.

Fetch excesses apply only once per condition

How do claims work?

You'll often need to pay your vet yourself and claim back later, sometimes this can take up to 10 days. Some insurers have a feature where, depending on the vet, they can pay them directly.

Fetch can also pay vets directly when they're set up. You pay your contribution in-app and we pay the whole bill to the vet, you can also get pre-approvals at the vet.

Who's doing the insurance?

Customers are sometimes not sure who's setting the prices, servicing the policy and paying claims. You can usually find this in the Footer or in the PDS.

Fetch builds the product & tech, set the prices, manages claims, looks after you and your pet under our AFSL. We have an APRA licensed underwriter called Pacific International.

Next step: Hours of research


Hold up, great news! Kate, Callum & Naomi have done all the hard work for you. Here's why they trust Fetch with their 🐶

A few more things
Fetch does a little differently…

Claims paid direct to your vet

Claims paid direct to your vet

Sick pets and vet trips are stressful. To make things a little easier, your vet can check cover with us before treatment and we can pay your vet directly.

Available after you've set up Fast Claims, when your vet allows direct payments, and 9-5pm Weekdays, 9-3pm Sat, 9-1pm Sun & Public holidays AET

Charlie the dog at the beach





New Treatment

1m ago

Please confirm new treatment for Charlie from Sydney Animal Hospital for $4,000.00

Wednesday 21 June








Success, we’ll pay $3,900 to Sydney Animal Hospital now


Charlie with Pet Insurance

Support Chat


from Fetch

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How can we help you?

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Pet experts in
your pocket, 24/7

Eaten something mysterious, or just not quite themselves? Let's figure it out.

Day or night, our vet team are just a tap away. Chat to us in-app, or call 24/7 for emergencies. No googling, no guesswork.

Good vibes only


We keep a flat fee to support your pets plan, so we don't make money by not paying out claims


We hate haggling at renewal too - so we just give you the actual price


As your pet's plan is monthly, you can cancel anytime, no fees and we'll refund you any remaining days

Still reading?

Still reading?

Get your pet's free month already!

Get your pet's free month already!

*First month free offer is only available to first-time customers and can’t be used with any other offer. First month free will be applied automatically on checkout. This offer can be withdrawn at any point. If you join through the promotion, they'll get a referral commission, no extra cost to you. For any further questions please email support@fetchpet.au