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How do claims payments work?

11 Oct 2023

How will Fetch pay me?

When customers set up their app, they add you as their vet. We'll then be in touch to collect your payment details. This lets us make direct payments to you, helping settle claims as quickly as possible. For direct claims, (which are claims where we pay you directly) we'll transfer the payment to the appropriate bank account in around 3 days.

Can vets invoice Fetch directly or should the customer pay me?

Yes - One of the great things about Fetch is that customers who have been through the Fast Claims process can have their claims assessed in 15 minutes and paid directly to their vet. As part of setup we check for pre-existing conditions, giving you more comfort to go ahead with a direct claim. We collect the excess and contribution (including any excluded items) from your client, and will pay you directly for the invoiced amount (less anything your client may have already paid). Of course we can still process claims where customers have paid, but for speed, ease, and satisfaction, claims paid directly to you are better for everyone.

My client has paid some of the invoice, what do I do?

If your client has paid some of the invoice, please ensure the claim is submitted the claim as normal. Make sure the invoices show what has been paid by the customer. This way we can pay you the outstanding amount, and settle your client’s part of the claim with them. Remember, we collect the customer’s contribution and excess so you don't have to worry.