How do I know if I'm covered when you're closed?

11 Oct 2023

Here are a few things that'll help you to understand your cover if we’re closed and can’t advise you:

• FastClaims - If you've activated FastClaims, you'll find any pre-existing conditions listed in the plan section of your Fetch app. This will include any linked conditions your pet's plan doesn't cover

• The plan section of your app will show you how much of your annual $30,000 limit remains, along with your excess and cover level

• Your PDS is also in your app. This shows you exclusions, and conditions of coverage. We've kept this simple so you can find out what your pet's plan covers easily

• To help you clarify, follow these steps:

◦ Check the type of claim in the cover section

◦ Check the treatment your vet is going to provide against the 'things we don't cover’ section

◦ Double check your T&Cs for anything that might impact your plan

◦ Check you’ve completed the waiting periods for what you need to claim

• Injury claims are covered, as long as the event happened after your wait period (subject to the coverage and conditions in your PDS). Here are some examples:

◦ If your pet is hit by a car

◦ Your pet is bitten by a snake

◦ Your pet has a paralysis tick

◦ Your pet has a has gastric dilatation after going for a run after eating