Vet FAQs


Fast Claims - What does it mean, how does it work?

11 Oct 2023

Fetch offers Fast Claims to its customers, to help make Claims as transparent and easy as possible. With Fast Claims we will:

1. Assess your patient’s health history so you know if there are any pre-existing conditions which will impact coverage before you need to make a claim

2. Enable direct claims to you which means you will be paid directly for the treatment

Once set up, Fast Claims are claims assessed in 15 minutes, as long as we have all information necessary to check the claim. With Fast Claims, we collect the excess and contribution (including any excluded items) from your client, and then we pay you the full treatment cost. Note that if the claim is not covered, you will need to collect payment from your client as normal.

You can get this setup with us by providing us with your practice manager's details and you veterinary practice's bank details (BSB/Account number).