Vet FAQs


How do pet insurance excesses and coverage work?

11 Oct 2023

When you make a claim, your client will need to pay an amount towards the claim, called their contribution; it includes their excess, the remaining cover %, and any items which the plan doesn't pay for.

  • Excess is a set amount that is only payable once per condition. Your client can chose $0 or $100.

  • Coverage is either 80%, 90% or 100% which means your client will be responsible for their remaining 20% or 10%. You can see an example here

  • Items not covered: some items or specific treatments aren’t covered by the Fetch plan, you can find details about them in our PDS; in addition we can’t cover pre-existing conditions (your client can find the list of your pet’s pre-existing conditions in their app once they've completed the Fast Claim process)

How are claim payments calculated:

We take the total invoiced amount and remove any items which we cannot cover, then the excess and finally apply the cover percentage. This gives us the amount that Fetch will pay, the remainder being paid for by your client. For an example, see our PDS.