Vet FAQs


How does Fetch cover work?

11 Oct 2023

At Fetch we cover veterinary treatment costs associated with conditions covered by the pet’s plan. This includes diagnostic work as well as treatment. We include coverage for consultations, surgery, medication, and hospitalisation.

We also cover other aspects of a pet's treatment under specific circumstances:

  • Dental treatment

  • Food

  • Physiotherapy

  • Acupuncture and cold laser therapy

  • Home visits and transport

  • Behavioural treatment

  • End of life care

Fetch also offers lost pet support should the worst happen and a pet goes missing. For more information, see our PDS here.

Like all insurance products, there are some things we can’t cover:

  • Pre-existing conditions

  • Accessories, routine care and grooming

  • De-sexing and breeding

  • Elective and cosmetic procedures

  • Administration fees

  • Health checks for travel, work, racing, breeding, sale

  • Experimental surgery or treatments

  • Open heart surgery, pacemakers, organ transplants, cancer vaccination

  • Stem Cell therapy unless to treat osteoarthritis

  • Anything related to cloning, harvesting, or storage of genetic material, including genetic testing

For full details check our PDS here