Vet FAQs


Are pre-existing conditions removed if they go away or are dormant for a long period?

11 Oct 2023

We can’t cover pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is defined as an injury, illness, behavioural problem or other issue that started before you (your client) purchased your (their) pet’s plan. This includes bilateral conditions and linked conditions which are related to a pre-existing condition.

What does this mean? To be a pre-existing condition:

  • A condition must have started before you (your client) took your plan out

  • The event that led to the condition must have happened before you (your client) took your plan out

  • The condition must be either ongoing and require regular (such as seasonal) or constant monitoring or treatment

  • Alternatively, it could lead to changes in your pet that never go away

Here are a few examples:

  • Cushings disease - once diagnosed the condition becomes ongoing, and requires treatment for the rest of a pet’s life.

  • Elbow Arthritis - even if diagnosed at an early stage when no treatment is required, the presence of arthritis in a particular location will progress so the condition is pre-existing

  • Seasonal allergies - if a pet requires treatment every spring for a seasonal skin condition, even through there is a dormant period through the remainder of the year, then this condition would be pre-existing as it is a regular and repeating issue

  • Limping following a jump from a car - if the limping is found to be due to a ruptured cruciate which happened when your pet jumped from the car, the ruptured cruciate would be pre-existing

  • Vomiting - If your pet had a bout of vomiting before you plan was taken out, and then once your plan became active, had another bout of vomiting, this would not be a pre-existing condition unless the root cause of the vomiting was the same

In summary, we look at pre-existing on a ‘cause and effect’ basis. You can be covered for the same type of condition as long as the trigger or cause happened after the policy was taken out.